Comparison of Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Infections in Schoolchildren in Kuala Limpur


  • Mahmood Ameen Abdulla


A comparative study was carried out to identify the prevalence of intestinal
parasitic infestation among students in 3 different types of primary school1ocaled in
Ampang area, Kuala Lumpur. A survey of infection rate was done from April 10 June
2001. Stool samples were randomly collected from one'hundred and eleven
schoolchildren aged 9-12 years were examined for intestinal parasites, using a light
microscope (or direct smear and after concentration for formol.-either method. It was
found that an overall prevalence of intestinal parasite infection of schoolchildren was
51%. The infection rate of males and females was (60.3''1) and (29.20/0) respectively.
Prevalence seems to be higher in the younger age groups. Also, the usual intestinal
parasites were found more commonly in local and foreign schools than international
schooL The local school had the highest prevalence (62%1), followed by the foreign
school (52%) and international school (38.90/0). The prevalence in the international school
was much lower compared to the local and foreign schools.



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