Oral Health Problems Among Foreign Workers


  • Ishak Abdul Razak


About 27% of the eligible respondents reported having experienced some form of dental problems in the preceding one year prior to the interview. Female respondents (57.1%) were more likely to have encountered a dental problem as compared to male respondents (22.6%). Of the various nationalities, the Thais (60.7%) and the Pakistanis were the most and least likely respectively to have encountered a dental problem in the preceding one year. This pattern among the Thais was consistent for both the male (48.4%) and female (70.6%) population.
Toothache (85.0%) was reportedly the most prevalent dental problems encountered regardless of gender and nationality, followed by sensitivity to hot and cold drinks (34.4%). About 1 in 4 subjects who had dental problem reported having bleeding gums.
About 1 in 4 subjects who had dental problems had consulted the doctor or dentists regarding their dental problem and one more than one-half had self-medicated. Overall the majority (84.4%) of the respondents have never visited the dentists in Malaysia. Lack of perceived need was cited as the main reason for this.


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