The Journal of Health and Translational Medicine (JUMMEC) was founded in 1996 and is an international journal dealing with all aspects of research in health and translational medicine. When JUMMEC (abbreviated for "Journal of University of Malaya Medical Centre") was first conceived, it was only publishing research findings that had been conducted in University of Malaya Medical Centre. Over the next few years, this journal grew in function and rapidly became popular amongst the local universities. It was not long thereafter that this journal began to gain interest by the international research community. In 2012, it was decided that a change in the journal name had to be made in order to reflect the international participations and the international contributions to this journal. However, we have never deviated from our primary aim, which is to facilitate the exchange of ideas, techniques and information among all members of the medical health practitioners and scientists alike. Topics covered include: All aspect of medicine, medical systems and management; surgical and medicinal procedures; epidemiological studies; surgery and procedures (of all tissues); resuscitation; biomechanics; rehabilitation; basic science of local and systemic response related to the medical sciences; fundamental research of all types provided it is related to medical sciences; cell, proteins and gene related research; all branches of medicine which may include (but not limited to) anaesthesia, radiology, surgery, orthopaedics, ortholaryngiology etc. Regular features include: original research papers; review articles; case reports; ideas and innovations detailing novel and effective solutions to surgical and medical problems; Reports on experiments; Basic science and fundamental research reports; book reviews; calendar of world-wide meetings. Letters that comment on an article previously published in are particularly encouraged, and the authors will be given the opportunity to respond. Please submit letters to the editor by e-mail to :




Journal of Health and Translational Medicine (JUMMEC) is the recipient of the CREAM Award 2017 by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.


2018: 2nd ASEAN Sports Medicine Conference (ASMC 2018)

The cover picture depicts an athlete is running position with the background of Kuala Lumpur famous landmarks namely Twin Tower and KL Tower.

The 2nd ASEAN Sports Medicine Conference is held on 24th to 25th of March 2018 at Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur and organized jointly by Japan Sports Council, Ministry of Health Malaysia, National Sports Institute of Malaysia (ISN), Sports Medicine Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya and Faculty of Sports Science and Recreation, Universiti Teknologi MARA. The conference is affiliated to International Federation of Sports Medicine and Asian Federation of Sports Medicine.

Published: 2018-07-24
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