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The Peer Review Process

Each article submitted to the journal will be managed with full confidentiality. The submissions undergo a stringent review process and are considered for publication based on merits. Each submission will be reviewed by the editor-in-chief on a case-by-case basis. The journal guarantees that the merit of an article will stand alone independently from the fame of the corresponding author or co-authors.

When the Editorial Board finds that the article meets the basic requirements of the journal (see Instructions to Authors), the article will be sent two "blindfolded" reviewers (also known as referees) appropriate to the subject matter. The journal ensures that the authors of the submitted articles remain anonymous from the reviewers. The journal recommends that you name at least 2 potential reviewers (5 would be most welcomed) that are experts in the field that you are publishing. This would assist in hastening the editorial and review process and, therefore allow your submitted articles be published in a timely manner.
Provided the reviewers find the article of acceptable standards and that it meets the expectation of the editor, the article will be sent to our publishers to commence the publishing process. We aim to publish all approved articles (regardless of the number) in the next available issue of this journal. In the unlikely event that that only one of the reviewers find the submission unacceptable, the article will be sent to another reviewer for a final assessment. This will assist the editorial board to decide whether the article can be published in JUMMEC.
Final edits are sent to the Editorial Board Members to check for accountability and other issues. Although the editorial board of this journal aims to complete the whole process within the shortest time possible, it is from our previous experiences, it will take approximately 2-6 months from submission to completion of the publication process.




Journal of Health and Translational Medicine

Last update: 06 June 2017