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Volume 7, 2002, Issue 2
Published Date : 30 Dec 2002

The Need For Medical Schools to Reform
Saimy Ismail

Update on the Management of Osteoarthritis
Goh E M L, Chow S K, Yeap S S
    nsoaated psU'IC~ck.oodenaI liken. Gut 199IJ2: 252-6
    40. 8om~rdier C. Laine L ReK,n A el 01 . Comparison of
    upper pstrointesu~ltoxicIty of rofecoxib and naproxen
    In pauents with rheumatoid an.hrius. NEJM 2000.34] :
    41. Towheed TE, Mcmillan 11., Wein C. ef 01.: effect of
    glucosamlne hydrochloride on the treatment of pain In
    OA of the knee.J Rheumatol 1999.26 :2423-24]0
    12. Regln$ler J'l'.DeroiSy R.RO'o'ati LC.tl al.:Long term effecu
    of glucosamine sulphate on osteoarthritis progression;a
    randomized. placebo.controlled clininl trial. lllncet
    2000.]5(9252)7: 251?256
    1]. Hoore RA. Tramer H. urroll 0, tl 01. ; QU3lntlUuve
    systenuc: revtew of loptally applied non $leroicb.l antiinflm'\
    tl'l3tory dnJgS. 8MJ 1998.3 16 ;]]3-338
    +4 SathapaUofilVO"ltS 8.Jones HE. Bacon PA. fllllg Ef. Dieppe
    PA.lntra-arucubr s. terolds in osteoarthritis.
    flheumatol fleluobiI.l980.19(1): 212-17
    15. W Op Rheum 2000.12: 168-'171
    16. Altman RD. Moskowitz. R : Intn-articular sodium
    hyaluronate (Hyalgan) in the trtatment of patienu with
    osteoarthrltls of the knee: a nndomlsed clinical trial. J
    Rheumatol 1998.25 : 220]-2212
    17. Huslusson EC.DoneIIy 5.Hyaluronlc ac.td in the trNtment
    of osteoarthrltlS of the knee Rneumatology 1999.38:
    18 Adams HE. atkinson HH. Luuier Aj,el 01.' The role of
    viscosupplemenution with hyb.n G?f 20 (Synmvisc) in
    the U"UllTlent of osteOarthritis of the knee : a urnldian
    mulucentre uul c.ompa"ng hyIan G-f 20 alone. hyIan GF
    20 With NSAIOs and NSA1DS alone. Osteoarthritis
    Cartilage 1995,]:21 ]-225
    '19 UstratV,Aynl X.Patarnelio F.ecal.:Arthroscoplc. evaluation
    of pOlential s. tructure modifying ac.tivlty of hyaluronan
    (Hyalgan) In osteoarthritis of the knee. Osteoarthritis
    Cart 1997.5: 153?160
    SO. Wobiz H, 83c.h G. Belts P tl oI.The role of elastO'o'isc.osiry
    in the effiexy of visc.owpplemenutlOll fOf" OA of the
    knee:A C0fT\p3rison between hybn G-f 20 and a lower?
    moIecubr- _icht hyaluronan. a,n The.- 1999.21: I5'191562
    51. Ebbzs fA. Bnller SO. Denlioger JL : Na- hyaluf'ON,te
    molecular size varntions in equiM and human uthritic
    synO'o'I.lIJ fluids and the effecu on phagocytic cells. In
    Seminars in uthritis and reumatlsm.voili. Edited by
    Talbott Jh. New'l'ork : Grune & Stratton: 1981: 111-l'I]
    52. Lussier A. ClvidoAA, Hc farlane Ca.el al. :
    Visc.osupplemenution with hylan for the treallTlent of
    osteoarthritis: findings from clinical pnc.tice in Canada. J
    RheumatoI1996.2]: 1579_1585
    S]. Wobig H, Belts P, OickhutA.el 01. Open-label multicenue
    triOll of the safety and efficacy of ....sc.osupplemenation
    with hylan G-f 20(synvisc.) in primary osteOarthritis of
    the knee.J Clin Rheumatoll999.5 (suppl)~SH-S]1
    51. lUvaud P. Houliner L Glnudeau aet 01.: Effects of jomt
    bvage and steroid injection in p.auenu WIth OA of the
    knee : resulu of a muJllcentre. n.ndom.zed .c.ont1'011ed
    trial.Arthntis Rheum 1999,42: '17S.'182
    55. Hawlter G.WreightJ.Caft? Prt oI.:Hwth- relaled quality
    of life after knee replacement. J Bone Joint SUf"l (US)
    1998.80: 16]-173
    56. Fortin PRo Clarke AE.Joseph L t! 01.: OuttOme5 of toul
    hip and knee replacement.Arthritis Rheum 199'M2: 17221728.
    57. Berman BH, Singh B. Lao L el al.:A randomized trail of
    acupunc.tUre as an adjunaive therapy In OA or the knee.
    Rheumatology 1999,26:229'1-2297

    Euthanasia in Malaysia: Opinions and controversies
    Asma Md Arif, Vaishnavi Jeyasingam, Lucy Chan

    Compliance to Antihypertensive Therapies among Outpatients in a Hypertension Clinic
    S S Chua, Y K Lee, C T Chua, M S Abdullah

    Complete Cleft Palate Closure: New Technique, New Timing
    Rahoma A H

    A Comparative Physicochemical and Cosmetic Evaluation of Generic Topical Corticosteroid Products
    Riyanto Teguh Widodo, Hadida Hashim, Ezlina Usir

    Comparison of Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Infections in Schoolchildren in Kuala Limpur
    Mahmood Ameen Abdulla, Khairul Anuar Abdullah, Khalifa Sidik, Salmah Ismail, Suzainur Kulop Abdul Rahman, Mohamad Nazmul Hassan Mahziz, Irwan Hamzah

    Enviromental Stewardship for Intervention and Control of a Burgeoining Toxicological Hazard
    Harwant Singh, Bujang bin Kim Huat

    Early Fluid Resuscitation in the Management of Major Burns: Ten Years Experience in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
    Rohoma A H

    Risk Stratification in Acute Myocardial Ischaemia: Potential Use of A Rapid Bedside Troponin T Assay
    E M L Goh, S K Chow, C C Lang

    Experimental Larval Infestation of Zebu Cattle and its Crosses: Effect of Anti-histamine Alone or in Combined with Dexame-thasone Treatment on the Engorgement and Oviposition, and on Tick Feeding Lesion
    Mahmood Ameen Abdulla, Khairul Anuar Abdullah, Khalifa Sidik, Salmah Ismail, Mohammad Nazmul Hassan Mahziz, Suzainur Kulop Abdul Rahman, Irwan Hamzah

    Western Blot Analysis of Polyclonal Antibodies from Experimental Animals against Blastocystis Antigens
    Init I, Prummongkol S, Gan C C, Nissapatorn V, Khairul Anuar A

    Correlation between the Length and Breadth of the Nose and the Face in Different Races
    Pavin Vasanthan, Lorna Tang Pueh Mae, Maryam Mohd Zulkifli, Mohd Jazlan Mohd Adnan, Prepageran Narayanan

    A Light Emitting Diode in a Child's Airway
    L Chan, Yik Y I, K N Subramaniam, T M Ramanujam

    Smoking Cessation: Abstinence with Gum
    Noor Zurani Md Haris Robson

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