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Volume 4, 1999, Issue 2
Published Date : 27 Dec 1999

Setting Up a Pain Clinic for Cancer Pain Relief - the Cancer Pain Clinic
A E Delikan

Recent Advances In Geriatric Medicine - A Review
P Srinivas

Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults
Fen Lee Hew, Frank Alford

The Role of Nutritional Support in Acute Pancreatitis: A Review and Proposal of a Clinical Pathway for Management
T M Ramanujam

Medico-legal Responsibilities of the Malaysian Medical Graduate and the Teaching of Undergraduate Forensic Medicine
George Paul, O P Murty

Problem-based Learning (PBL): Making an impact in Education
Azila N M A, Sim S M, Tan C P L, Alhady S F

Malnutrition and Helminth Infections Among Pre-School Children in Orang Asli Resettlement Villages in Kelantan
Zulkifli A, Khairul Anuar A, Atiya A S, Yano A

Investigation of Recurrent Case of Salmonellosis due to Salmonella Bovismorbificans and Salmonella Matopeni Using Pulsed-field Gel Electrophoresis Analysis and Antibiograms
Kwai Lin Thong, Savithri Puthucheary, C C M Boey, Tikki Pang

Intramuscular Versus Oral Iron Supplementation in Patients on Renal Replacement Therapy Receiving Erythropoietin
T Thiruventhiran, B B Ang, S Y Tan

Angioedema Secondary to Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors
T Thiruventhiran, Ho Bee Kiau

Blurring of Vision Due to VLM
Kamala D, Rohela Mahmud, Khairul Anuar A, Jamaiah I

Penetrating Cardiac Injury
Dublin N, H K Chow, Y C Lim

Legal Implications in Routine Clinical Practice
Kasinathan Nadesan, Phrabhakaran Nambiar, Dasan Swaminathan

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